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Rubin & Ed (1991): Starring Crispin Glover and Howard Hesseman. Written & directed by Trent Harris.
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"Rubin Farr, Fontenoy Inn, Room 71"
350 South 300 East, Salt Lake City, UT



"Hey, Weirdo!" - Rubin kicks his shoe at the brat.
222 East Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT



"Who are you? Who are you really?" - Rubin & Ed meet.
111 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT



"River? Stupid! It's the middle of the desert!"
Goblin Valley State Park, UT


"Hell yes... We're open." - Prod Pump 'N' Rest
Main Street, Hanksville, UT




"Rubin, we gotta get outta here. Fast." - Leaving Prod
Utah 24, Torrey, UT




"Those people are weird!" - Parking Garage
38 Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, UT


"I hate vegetarians." - Going for a fish burger.
32 Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, UT



"Hope that poor bugger was insured." - End of film
10 Exchange Place, Salt Lake City, UT



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